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Frederick's Inspiring Parents

Adriana was happy to have the opportunity to throw Frederick's parents an anniversary party.

50 years of marriage -- that sounds like utopia to me. That is longer than some people's lifetime! What s milestone and wonderful achievement to be together with someone for 50 years! It was really nice to be able to throw a party for Frederick's parents, because that is worthy of an epic celebration.

I really love them, and they're such nice, cultured, and classy people. They have a marriage that many of us only read about in fairytale books, like the ones that you've seen movies and think, “That can't really be possible.”

Well I guess in this time and age where relationships last no longer than a couple of years and divorce is skyrocketing at an alarming rate, seeing a couple like this so into each other after 50 years together is so inspiring. It made me realize how special their son is.

I feel lucky to have such honorable and great man, someone that loves and respects me and loves and respects my son as well.

My son is my main purpose and my main priority in life. So I felt so happy to see that he finally accepted the idea of a wedding for me and Frederick. In the past he was not so happy about the idea of me remarrying someone. So I now feel complete, because my son loves the man that I love.

I felt very proud of having my son perform at the recital of the University of Miami Frost School of Music. Music has been part of my upbringing, and I really like to teach by example and instill in him the same love of music. I feel that an education is never complete without playing a musical instrument. I think that they ability to play a musical instrument gives you a truly well-rounded education. Moreover, music is therapeutic and is known to enhance intelligence in young kids. I'm at a really good moment of my life, and I feel blessed for having such a beautiful child and such a beautiful man.

Cheers, to all the lovers and fairytales out there!