Adriana De Moura

Adriana explains her flirtatious behavior with Romain at Mynt.

on Sep 27, 2012

Well, I should start by saying, “Romain, I told you so!” Those blondes might look good passed out in the morning, but they sure look like hell at night! Besides, there are blondes and then there are blondes. In fact I think there might be at least fifty shades of blondes, if you know what I mean...

This was actually a fun episode, and I was so happy to go out dancing with the girls. I was having fun until hell broke loose with more seems that Romain was quite upset about her destroying his special night, when he had worked hard to celebrate his double achievements of getting his citizenship and 10 years at the club. I felt sorry for him and was talking jokingly to him about brunettes versus blondes. You may think I was flirting, but I'm Brazilian, we flirt as a means of communicating. No malice involved!