Adriana De Moura

Adriana De Moura explains why she wanted to get to the bottom of the Rodolfo situation.

on Sep 20, 2012

As I told you last week, this season will bring lots of drama and also glamour, and tonight's episode already brings it! I found myself in an investigator position when rumors came out during the Food and Wine Festival, which was taking place at a historical landmark in Miami, The Biltmore Hotel. Gorgeous hotel! If you ever come to Miami, you should definitely visit it.

As I was saying, Karent's boyfriend, Rodolfo, had allegedly pursued our friend Ana. I was probing and trying to get to the bottom of this story, because I'm very sensitive to anyone getting cheated on. It's even worse having everyone around you know you are being cheated on, while you are the only one not aware. From personal experience I can attest that it is not a fun position to be in. Hence, my probing!