Adriana De Moura

Adriana thinks Joanna needs to get her facts straight before starting drama.

on Oct 11, 2012

This week we are really feeling the rush of Miami and the drama that comes with it! Joanna loves to stir the pot! As usual she misses the point and never seems to understand the issues.

Issue No. 1:  After laughing about my "hitting on" her fiancé, she goes on to say that he was making out with a dancer at the club, and because of that, she said she has to keep an eye on me. Really? She should keep an eye on her man and stop acting so insecure towards me!
She says I'm jealous of her, but the evidence says otherwise. She is the one crying over her man's infidelity and trying to throw me under the bus. She should take a look at her relationship and stop blaming me for everything that is wrong in her life!

Issue No. 2: I explain to Joanna why I needed to talk to Karent, and talk to her face to face about her obnoxious behavior rubbing everyone the wrong way. Of course, Joanna has to call her ahead of time and stir the pot! Again! She was oblivious to the facts and my lengthy explanation of how her "best friend" of five minutes, whom I introduced her too, had embarrassed herself and me in many instances. That night alone she threw herself at Thomas Kramer's lap and almost kicked me and Elsa in the face in the process! But God forbid she doesn't get that picture with him! Karent's "reptile kiss" with Rodolfo was also in very bad taste. Another example of her behavior. I could fill a page with more examples, but will spare the readers...