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Shocked by Lea's Secrets

Karent Stirs the Pot

Adriana thinks Karent was the cause of all the drama at Lisa's lingerie party.

Well, I think in this episode people will finally be able to see how Karent operates! She acts nice and innocent when you first meet her, but it takes time to see how gossipy she can be. Let’s just call it like it is -- she caused every fight in this episode by going around like a gossiping spinster who likes to meddle in everyone's business. Last week she got into Alexia's business, this week she is messing with Marysol and Joanna. But I'm done talking about her, since, as you can see, she doesn't get it and will never change. So I rest my case here.

On a lighter note, Lisa's party was fun and I was enjoying myself until the drama caused by the professional meddler stirred it my way, but I will save more about that for next week. So stay tuned, the plot is thickening the drama is higher than ever!

The continuation is this Sunday night, so you don't have to hang in suspense for too long!

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