Adriana De Moura

Adriana wasn't pleased by Karent's interaction with Carlos Cruz-Diez.

on Oct 8, 2012

Art to me is like a religion. I have deep appreciation and respect for it. My love of art has kept my spirits up at very difficult moments of my life, and I’ve also experienced the hardship many emerging artists go through in order to create their art work and to revel in their innate talent. The art world is very difficult and to see artists thrive and succeed with an international career means a lot to me. Hence, for me, meeting an artist of the stature of renowned kinetic artist Carlos Cruz-Diez would be the equivalent of meeting the Pope for Catholic people. There is reverence and a deep respect involved.

Karent's behavior was like a bull in a china cabinet! Joanna, as usual, is missing the point! I wouldn't have minded quenching Karent's insatiable thirst for taking a photo with a "famous" person -- even if she has never heard of them before -- but her behavior during the art fair was loud and obnoxious. She started by flirting with the artist for whom I posed and said she was ready to pose for him too. Later when I was showing her around the fair and we stopped at the booth for Carlos Cruz-Diez, she immediately began with her lack of social refinement by shouting his name out loud like she was at the state fair!