Alexia Echevarria

Alexia opens up about the difficult year she's had.

on Jan 4, 2013

In regards to Joanna and Karent's distasteful and ridiculous comment about Herman, I can only say that I don't need to defend myself with ugly words and violence, because it didn't hurt me as there is no truth to it. On the other hand, THEIR truth hurts. Their lives are empty and miserable, because they have not found the happiness that every woman longs for --to have a great man/husband by their side and children, to have a family. I have been in a solid relationship for almost 14 years with a man that respects and loves me and my children unconditionally. Even though Joanna is so beautiful in the outside, she is very ugly on the inside. Even though she and Karent are always bragging about how beautiful and successful they are in their careers and with their "boyfriends," they really are not and you saw that. What woman like them envy the most is other women's happiness. I actually feel sorry for them and hope that one day they will be as fortunate as me and meet their better half and fulfill every woman's dream of being a mother and a wife. I feel that will help them grow as individuals and feel better about themselves. So don't hate on me, honey, I’ve been through my fair share in life!