Alexia Echevarria

Alexia explains why she wanted to get the girls together, and what she did to ensure it went well.

on Nov 12, 2012

Thanks for tuning in tonight to Episode 10 (already)!!!

I wanted to get all the girls together to talk face-to-face about everything going on, instead of behind each others back like usual. I haven't been present when a lot of the the drama has unfolded. . .I usually hear about it the next day or so and from different people and in different versions.

I called Karent to invite her to my house. I didn't quite understand or believe that she would be apprehensive to come when she herself has put herself in this situation every single time. Besides Joanna and Lisa would be there to defend her, once again. It's amusing to see her play the victim! It's also interesting to watch her on the other side of the phone conversation and hear her tone of negativity and sort of imply that she wants nothing to do with problems when she has so far created all the problems.

The only one that should have been fearful of this meeting in my home was me -- especially after the way they all behaved at Lisa's. My home is sacred and that is why I welcomed them with holy water. . .I didn't want the negative energy of a few of these ladies in my home.