Alexia Echevarria

Alexia loved the way this season ended.

on Dec 21, 2012

As far as my family goes, we are stronger and more united than ever. I will keep on fighting for both of my boys, Peter and Frankie. That is my job as a mother: to educate, nurture, and love them unconditionally. I will be here for them to make sure they stand up when they fall. I am very happy that Peter went back to school after this difficult year for the entire family. He's attending Miami International University of Art & Design and pursuing a Bachelor's in Science in Audio Production and Engineering. God willing Frankie will return to high school half a day with a shadow where he will work at his own pace in January. He will attend the same school he was set to go to before his accident with academic accommodations. Frankie's progress has been remarkable. He will continue with his therapies in the afternoon.

I am fully integrated back at Venue Magazine. I may not spend the entire day at my office, but I am 100 percent involved. I work on the phone, email from home or wherever at whatever time. I also have a great staff that I rely on. I believe that keeping busy is the key for not being depressed.

Herman continues to work hard. I admire his strength, endurance, and capacity to accomplish so much and be such a kind and fair human being. My admiration, love, and respect continue to grow, if that is even possible. He has been unconditional with me and the boys, who are sons to him.