Cast Blog: #RHOM

First Impressions

A Therapeutic Season for Alexia

Lea's Final Thoughts on the Season

Lea's Double Standards

Hoping to Move Forward with Lea

An X-Rated Reunion

Lisa's Vegas Regret

Joanna's Perfect Day

Lea and the Beefy Bus Boy Duo

Lea's Lip Service

Lisa's "Peacemaker" Problems

Alexia's Not Sweating the Small Stuff

Real Friends Don't Hold Grudges

A Fun Party, Minus the Distractions

Apologizing to Lea

Alexia's Anniversary Celebration

Lisa Loves Texas

Meet Joanna's New Puppy!

Lea's Walk Down Memory Lane

Adriana's Wedding Full of Waiting

Adriana's Two Loves

May Adriana Live Happily Ever After

Romain's Troubled Past

Alexia's Birthday Drama

Meet Dr. Sex Therapist Lisa

The Wedding Evite Explained

Targeted by the Hate Club

Lisa's Button-Pushing Behavior

Peter's Healing Process

Lenny's Lipo

Lea's Over the Haters

Adriana's Difficult Past

Joanna Talks Role Playing

Update on Elsa

Recovering Frankie and Peter

Lisa's Bridesmaid Ultimatum

Joanna's Outright Insult

The Birkin Bag Bonanza

Adriana's Glamorous 'Great Gatsby' Wedding

Lisa's In-Law Issues

Shocked by Lea's Secrets

First Impressions

Alexia dishes about the new 'Wives.

I hope you are all enjoying the show as much as I am! I haven’t watched REAL TV in a year. I am so touched and humbled by your love and positive comments. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! They keep me going and give me the strength I need.
In this episode I visit Ana, which by the way was on a Sunday. I snuck out of my house without Herman knowing LOL. Sunday has always been family day, but I managed to get ready quickly and of course put on my green boots just for Ana. It was interesting to exchange our opinions on the ladies. So far, so good... I genuinely like all the ladies with the exception of... Guess who? You probably know by now or will figure it out real soon.

I have to say that Karent's demeanor towards me is bothering me, because for reasons unknown to me, it comes off as if she doesn’t know me when she sees me and clearly wants to separate the "original" girls from the "new" ones. I don’t get it! I don’t know, perhaps it's because of my friendship with Ana? Time will tell.

It's so amusing to see how all the ladies interacting with one another at the Biltmore. By the way, Herman accompanied me to the Biltmore. He was hanging out with the guys, mostly Roy Black. I was also late that day, because there's a lot of planning involved these days. I don’t even worry about those sorts of minor things now. I get there when I get there, and that’s it! Like you, I will see how everything unravels and how the story unfolds.

One last note, Miami looks so beautiful, and it’s definitely the people that make Miami such a unique city to live in! Don’t you think?

Until next time! I leave you with this thought: “Always concentrate on how far you have come, rather than how far you have left to go.”

God Bless!

Besos (kisses),