Alexia Echevarria

Alexia responds to the rumors brought up by the "Devilish Duo" about her husband.

on Dec 14, 2012

This episode starts off with the ladies in the other house having breakfast the next day after Karent finds out that her “boyfriend” was cheating on her. I want to reiterate that I did not do this to hurt her in any way. I did not think she would be truly hurt because I’ve always believed that their relationship was for cameras. I was telling the truth, and if that makes me mean, then I am an honest mean person. Even Lea is so surprised by Karent’s reaction that she continues to give Karent a hard time. And Karent as usual doesn't acknowledge anything and acts like it's a conspiracy against her, continuing to act like the victim. Karent's whole thing is that we are mean and want to hurt her, when she knows we busted her in her lie. She must have known that Rodolfo was in a relationship with another woman and couldn’t have been so bothered. She is not affected, joking about it and continuing to blame us while not addressing the issue.

I have been so repulsed throughout the whole season listening to Karent and Joanna calling us the mean girls and referring to us as "the other women," when she and Joanna have both been the instigators and have started and been a part of all the trouble, gossip, and drama! Joanna is crazy, volatile, and aggressive. Karent is a clown, a liar, and passive aggressive. Together they are the Devilish Duo!

I was hurt and disgusted when I saw Karent and Joanna trying to stir up nonsense about my relationship of 13 years with my husband, Herman. Herman is an exceptional man, human being, husband, and father, which is more than they can say about their men. That’s why I've been with him for 13 years. He has proven himself in so many ways. Like every marriage, it's not perfect and we have had our share of problems, but never in the sex department. I dare these women bring up this nonsense with no validity at such a fragile time like this in my life -- seriously? Try again, girls.