Alexia Echevarria

Alexia responds to the rumors brought up by the "Devilish Duo" about her husband.

on Dec 14, 2012

I was hurt and disgusted, but not surprised or offended about the comment, because it was coming from them and we live in Miami. I'm used to it! It's funny how everyone thinks everyone is gay here. As a matter of fact, I've heard those same gay rumors about Rodolfo and Romain. I must say, it's so low and disrespectful for two women who don’t even know Herman to say something like this. Show me the proof and the facts. That may be a rumor, Karent, but your fake relationship with Rodolfo is a FACT and the whole world knows it including you!

By the way, don't let me get started Ms. Joanna. YOU of all people shouldn't be talking about other people.

Joanna and Karent are always bragging about being so fabulous, self-made, and perfect, yet they can't even keep a man for 5 minutes! Maybe one day you will be blessed with having a great man like I do and having the greatest gift of all, children! That is indeed what you are both lacking in your life, ladies!
I had a feeling that Lea would finally explode about Marysol on this trip, and of course thanks to Joanna (again) all of it started in the dinner table. When I said I liked all the ladies at the dinner table, I meant it at that time from the bottom of my heart. Of course at that time I hadn't seen any of the episodes. (Remember I filmed very little and didn't engage much with the new girls.) I think we all feel a little different about each other after watching all of this.