Alexia Echevarria

Alexia was shocked by some of the ladies' behavior at the lingerie party.

on Oct 25, 2012

As I write this blog it brings joy to my heart knowing that I am an inspiration to many of you. I want you to know that my strength comes from your thoughts, prayers, love, and support in these difficult times, and again, being strong is the only choice I have.
I had promised myself I would not talk about Karent, but that was before watching this episode of course. How can I not, right? Finally in this episode Karent’s mask is unveiled, and we see the Karent that Adriana, Ana, Lea, Marysol, and myself have been talking about; her true colors and real character come to light. First she tries to start trouble with Marysol about her fur cape, but Marysol, oblivious to her attack, ignores it. Furthermore in her interview she states that Marysol was being defensive. Really? Karent, you approached her and were questioning her about wearing fur, which was none of your business. Secondly, she meets Joe Francis for the first time and two minutes later is asking him if he slept with Joanna. WHO DOES THAT?! Are you really her friend?! Really?! With friends like that, who needs enemies? And it doesn’t stop there. She runs over to Joanna and tells Joanna what Joe Francis had said not taking into consideration the fact that she was in Lisa’s home at a charity event and Romain was present. What happened to all that class you brag about?