Alexia Echevarria

Alexia suspects that Karent knew Rodolfo was cheating.

on Dec 10, 2012

This article/information was written and brought to my attention by one of the writers who writes for me in Venue Magazine. She's a freelancer, so she also writes for other publications, and in this case she wrote a piece for someone else, not Venue Magazine. Anyhow, she shared it with me because she, like many others, thought it was funny how Karent was going around town saying Rodolfo and her were a couple when he was living in Mexico and with another girlfriend. This is public information to all (just google it). The article talked about Rodolfo's love interest, Ana Belena, in Mexico and when and how they met with dates and everything. Ana Belena was quoted and gave the interview willingly. Accompanying the article were pictures of them affectionately kissing in the lips. Obviously not a publicity stunt! I had known about it for a week or so and decided to share it with the girls for the first time in the house in Bimini. As you all saw, the girls all thought I should share it with Karent at dinner. I also thought Karent knew about this already... It’s hard to believe she didn’t when it was already on the internet, and being that she is so obsessed with celebrities, I’d think she would have had a google alert on him (and if she could, even a GPS)! Seriously, her publicist would know as well. I'm not buying it... She is always playing the innocent victim.

Earlier at dinner we had all gone around the dinner table and talked about relationships. When it was Karent's turn, she said her relationship with Rodolfo was perfect with a big smile! We all looked at each other like what? Are you kidding? No one's relationship is perfect! That’s what I can't stand about her. I know the rest of the girls were waiting for me to bring it up at the dinner table, but I couldn't, because the table is sacred to me. So we headed over back to the house to have some drinks and just hang out, when Adriana starts the conversation again about relationships and being cheated on. So I'm like wow, this is a sign. I need to say something now. The girls (ALL of them as a matter of fact) said they would want to know if they were being cheated on. I was the only one that said I would not want to hear it from someone else. I feel that most women know. I would know as a woman. Signs are there, we just choose not to see them and accept them.