Alexia Echevarria

Alexia is still trying to figure Karent out.

on Oct 11, 2012

On a lighter note, I’m pleased to show the viewers how I’m integrating myself back into Venue Magazine. Apart from photo shoots and executive editing, organizing our bi-monthly cover parties is something I always look forward to. During my 30 minute breather, Ana drops by to see how things are coming along at my venue, Casa Moderna. We are prepping for that evening’s cover party featuring talented singer and (super cute) actor, Jen Carlos Canela. Peter thought that the immobility of his of shoulder would exempt him from helping, but he couldn’t get away this time! Everyone works on the cover party: employees, family and friends (even if it’s just for moral support).

Until next week I leave you with this thought:

I have done my best… that is all the philosophy of living one needs!

God Bless!

Kisses (besos),
Alexia Echevarria