Alexia Echevarria

Alexia thinks Karent was just trying to stir up more drama during the gala.

on Nov 2, 2012

I can't believe we are halfway through the season. I hope you are enjoying it and having fun with us. I have been very busy this week, particularly because the magazine goes to print and we are behind. In addition to that, my best friend from Spain and her fiance are visiting, and we have been spending some time with them. And of course the usual -- Peter and Frankie and Herman, who has a full schedule too. My life is a juggling act. Did someone say I didn't work? LOL! Seriously? Just being a mother is a full-time job.

Marysol stopped by the office and we got to watch this episode together. It's so much more fun to watch it with one of the other girls. We laughed like two high school girls at the her scenes with her mom. They are so funny together, and I love watching their mother/daughter dynamics.  Their playful and loving relationship is so refreshing.

After the storm comes a calm. Adriana came over to visit the next day, which was also Lea's gala. Since I wasn't at the party the night before, she explained to me what happened. My facial expressions clearly showed what I felt -- shock and disbelief! Adriana's face clearly demonstrated she was distraught over the situation. It was really unfortunate for all of this to happen in one night, ruining the party and purpose of why they were all there.