Alexia Echevarria

Alexia was shocked to see the ladies talking together after the fight as if nothing happened.

on Oct 29, 2012

On a happier note, I wanted to share with you an update on my boys, since you don't see them much on the show. Frankie has progressed tremendously since you saw him in that episode. I wish you could see him now. He is a different person, and his hair is long again. We continue with all of his therapies and home school, and he loves coming to the office with me, because I have a lot of pretty, young, sweet girls that spoil and love him.

Peter is starting at the university again November 8th. He finally found a career that interests him enough to stay in school. He is studying audio production, because he has a passion for music. We are finishing building a studio in the house so that he and Frankie can work on their music. Frankie had recorded two sings before his accident, and his love for music is still there. Music is a great incentive and therapy for his language and speech. It's amazing how he can still sing, remember all the songs, but struggles to express himself in a sentence. As you see, I'm very busy and engaged with my boys and enjoying every minute of it. Those that are mothers know the pain and the sacrifice.

Until next time. Like always I leave you with this thought:

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."     -Mark Twain

God Bless!

Besos (kisses),


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