Cast Blog: #RHOM

A RHOM Boxing Match

Ana weighs in on all the drama from Lisa's party.

I’ve decided that every good blog should begin with a theme song. So what could be more fitting than this?

Adrian: Rocky? Rocky! 

Jergens: Tonight, we have had the privilege of witnessing the greatest exhibition of guts and stamina in the history of the ring!

Rocky: Adrian! 

Adrian: Rocky. Rocky!

Last time I refrained from commenting. This time I am totally at a loss for words. How does one allow a situation to escalate to the point of no return? Can a newspaper article be offensive enough to warrant such a dramatic response from two seemingly rational, intelligent women? Or was it just the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back? And if so, can we readily identify who is carrying around all that straw? 

The problem with being the last person to arrive at the party is that I was behind on both drinks and information. I was not able to witness anything first hand; and there were so many issues being hashed out in different corners of the Hochstein’s manse that I felt like a spectator on the sidelines of a gilded boxing ring where all the fighters were scantily clad and gorgeous. 

In this corner: a feather sporting Marysol being forewarned that she was inappropriately dressed. In another corner: Joe what’s his face boasting about his sexual escapades with the Krupa sisters. In a third corner: Elaine as James resolving an argument by pushing someone into the pool and damaging thousands of dollars’ worth of DJ equipment in the process. In yet another corner: Adriana and Karent discuss the finer points of journalistic integrity and the now infamous newspaper article where we were collectively called “classless fame addicts with Botox for brains.” (I think, but don’t quote me please). By the way, quotes -- air or otherwise -- have caused quite a bit of controversy so far, no? 

The last corner had the most activity, which just mushroomed into many mini and not so mini arguments and then spontaneously combusted into that fateful hallway scene. Punches, slaps, embedded nails, a broom stick, “Meees Lisa’s” best friend-for-hire offering comfort, and several unsuspecting reality TV cameramen, grips, audio guys, and producers who couldn’t believe their luck, I mean, eyes. And I had only been there 20 minutes!Despite the fact that many of you believe Karent and I have a strained relationship, we are mostly polite and cordial as you witnessed throughout the episode. But I have a responsibility (contractual obligation) to call it like I see it. And while I will not be the judge and jury (that’s your job), this is what I’ve come up with. 

Karent really really wants to be liked, which causes her to behave in an overcompensating manner. Is that a heinous crime? No. But it does create a ripple effect, which has caused quite a bit of damage -- damage mind you, that I do not believe she intended or expected. But are we to ignore that so many of the evening’s “run ins” were somehow triggered or somewhat influenced by her behavior? Even the most fervent supporter would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to deny that.

In order to make sense of all this “drama by Bravo” I had to break it down. I ask you to indulge me in this little self-administered Q and A. If you disagree with any of my answers, let me know.

Did Marysol need to be confronted about her attire? No.

Should Karent have asked Joe Francis if he “slept with both of them” after he clearly said “I dated both of them”? (I’ve reviewed the footage numerous times to confirm this.) No.As Joanna’s friend, should Karent have been more sensitive to the fact that her relationship with Romain was already on shaky ground; and perhaps not initiated the Joe Francis confrontation at that moment? Yes.

Should Karent have considered the potential for bodily harm let alone the criminal consequences that could have ensued if Romain had decided to beat the crap out of Joe Francis? Yes.

Could Karent just have told Joanna “I got this” when she came to her rescue? Maybe. 

Could Joanna have been stopped anyway? Probably not. 

Did Joanna and Adriana have an unrelated axe to grind and this article was just the perfect excuse/catalyst? I think so.

Was Karent responsible for the ruined party/equipment because the guy that fought with James was her guest? That’s a stretch. 

Did Joanna get involved in something that didn’t concern her? Yes.

Does she have a propensity to do so because of her maternal instincts, her passion for those with no voice, and the underdog? Yes.

Does Karent need a mother, a voice, or a top dog? No.Does Joanna have a right to defend her anyway? Absolutely.

Did Adriana have a right to confront Karent about something that bothered her? Yes.

Was it the best place to do it? No.

Did Adriana try to keep the problem from escalating by walking away? Yes.

Did Joanna need to go after her? No.

Did Adriana need to throw that first punch? God no.

So who won?

Jergens: [reads the results] Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a split decision. 

Rocky: ADRIAN! 

Adrian: Rocky! 

Jergens: ...for Creed! 

[audience cheers] 

So what have we learned boys and girls? Only that there are two sides to every story and that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. That we will never know the whole truth by watching bits and pieces of literally hours of footage (until the reunion). And that no singular cast member will appeal to all people at all times. 

That being said, I encourage you to comment on my blog. I have found that for the most part my commenters, even the dissenters, are pretty smart people and I am delighted, amused, and often quite enlightened by some of your responses and observations. Do I love the guy that suggested I ingest poison and throw myself off a balcony in Verona? Actually, yes! He seems funny and kind of cool. I only wish I could interact directly with you guys on this forum. But I would love to hear from you on Twitter: @AnaQooks, on my Facebook wall: Ana Quincoces and/or via my website contact page at

As promised, my recipe of the week…

Knockout Punch:

3 cups chilled guava nectar

2 cups Malibu rum

2 cups passion fruit nectar

Fresh mint leaves (for garnish)

1 ½ cups chilled ginger ale

1 ½ cups chilled mineral water

1 lime, thinly sliced


Combine the guava nectar, rum, and passion fruit in a punch bowl or pitcher, add the ginger ale, mineral water and lime to the juice and rum mixture and stir. Divide among serving glasses with ice and garnish with mint leaves.


Until next time,


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Lea's Final Thoughts on the Season

Lea shares he status with each of the girls post-reunion.

It’s a Wrap!

It’s been an interesting season. I've been as honest and authentic as possible. I feel I owe that to myself and to you, our viewing audience. I've defended myself when wrongly accused or misinterpreted and in the process unfortunately, ugly truths have been exposed. I haven't gone out of my way to hurt anyone, but if I have, in the spirit of defending myself or setting the record straight, then so be it. I've had some fun, a few laughs, and experienced a lot of unnecessary stress.

I've showcased as many of my friend’s businesses as I could and got in a few shameless plugs for However, I haven't traded on the show or received any freebies, other than borrowing jewelry a couple of times! LOL! Some have interpreted it as being materialistic, I call it marketing. LOL!

I've listened to people re-invent the past, camouflage the present, and stoop to insults, foul language, and ugliness, all of which make me cringe. I've made closer bonds with some and made new friends along the way. I’ve learned to love and appreciate the work that goes into being on the show. Of course, I don't like what I see from time to time, but I hope I've maintained my integrity and what was important to me.I cracked a few jokes at others expense, made a few sarcastic remarks, and rolled my eyes a few times. I just can't (or won't) stop being myself. LOL! I've loved reading all of your comments and tweets. Even when I disagree, I'm OK with it if you were being intellectually honest. But the few comments which were mean-spirited, based upon uniformed conclusions, bias, or outside influence, I disregarded, ignored, and deleted. I have a low threshold for pettiness and unnecessary maliciousness.

Now, for the girls, in my usual style, let me be as honest as I can be.

Lisa: I feel she and I have a lot in common, and I'm closer to her than the others. I think she has a good heart, but is a little too sensitive. I think she often takes things too personally. She wants to have fun; she has a wonderful spirit and loves a good party. She did get on my nerves while attempting to be “the connector" but I understand the reasons and know her intentions were good. She can always depend on me, and we enjoy a loving and brutally honest relationship.

I'm the next closest to Joanna. I love a lot of things about her. Her love for animals, how much she works , her willingness to speak publically about her very personal problems, endure public scrutiny, and the manner in which she let's things go and moves on are all admirable. She doesn't live or die based upon the opinions of others. I am disappointed with some of the things that she said things during the reunion shows. I know she has suffered for it, regrets it deeply, and wishes she could take it back. But because of some of her choices, I have a reluctance to fully embrace or trust her. She knows exactly how I feel.
Alexia: For three seasons I have defended her, had her back, and given her the benefit of the doubt. Watching her all season, week after week, speak one insult or mean-spirited comment about me, knowing many of them were lies, causes me to wonder if she did it to patronize the hate club, play all sides, or if she has some hidden resentment towards me. Perhaps she did it for air time in an attempt to make herself more relevant? Maybe she just doesn't like me and doesn't want to say it? Whatever reason she got her digs in, it is not justifiable; they were uncalled for and she should regret it and say so.  Whenever the cameras weren’t rolling, she’d tell me how much she loves me and what great friends we are. So even though she threw me under the bus several times, as recently as the reunion, I'm not interested in going tit for tat. I wish her and Herman well, and I have a lot of empathy for her personal issues.

Now to Adriana:  Everyone knows how I feel about her. The one thing she did which showed her real inner self is when she ripped my son’s heart out and stomped on it. She intentionally, out of hatred, kept her son away from my son. To this day, I know that I’ve done nothing but try to help her or defend myself against her lies.  She has expressed her gratitude by stabbing me in the back. Whatever her motivation (I have my own conclusions), nothing will ever put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I can put the past in the past and be amicable towards her, but let me make the following point crystal clear: I will never fully trust her. And I really just don't like who she is. Since the show either she has changed or who she really is showed up. Either way it’s not compatible with who I am and what I want in my life.
Marysol: Again, I've called Elsa many times over the months, and I've continued to do so, whether Marysol chooses to believe it or not.

And to set the record straight, yes Frankie is a friend of mine. He is a comedian and has a You Tube channel of impersonations, he is a Broadway star and an entertainer. He only impersonates people he finds interesting. No, he never knew Elsa was sick and no, I didn't see him make the video, and no, I wasn't in the background. All of which can be proven. But if it was a big secret, he wouldn't have posted it on You Tube.

And by the way, he made the You Tube video months after the show was no longer filming. But of course Marysol brought it up about 5 months later, so she could justify and explain away her behavior of the season.

Overall, it’s been a learning experience. I've been surprised to discover how people will behave and how far they will go for attention, relevance, a storyline, or to make someone look bad. I've always said reality TV brings out the best and worst in people, and I stand by that belief.

My tag line “I live my life like everything matters, because I think it does" is true for me. As easy as it may be for some to just live in denial and brush things aside, I believe everything we do matters, including who we are to ourselves and to others. And who we are produces consequences, both good and bad. I choose to live my life trying to create good consequences and limit negativity.
Not all drama has to be negative. One doesn’t have to criticize others in order to justify their own poor behavior or make themselves feel better about their lives.

So maybe I'm a fit for reality TV or maybe I'm not, that would be up to the viewers. The one thing I am certain of is that my real friends, my family, my son, and my husband understand me and are more important to me than anything and everything else. They know that my charitable work, being true to myself, living like everything matters, giving more than I take, my sense of right and wrong, making a conscious effort to live a life of purpose, setting a good example for my son, and being mindful of future generations are the most important things in my life.

I love nice things and love living the good life, and sharing it, and I've earned every right to do just that. I will never apologize for my lifestyle, but I won't be defined by it either.

Thanks for watching. Life is time, and you took time out for us, and for that I am forever grateful. Whether you enjoyed me on the show or not, know one thing, I put as much into it as I possibly could, and then some. LOL! Thank you POP, our amazing producers and their incredible team, the Bravo Network, and the viewers for the opportunity to cross paths. Did we bond yet? LOL!

Spread the love and keep the peace.

Love, Lea

Please comment below, it would mean a lot to me to hear your final thoughts.


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