Ana Quincoces

Ana weighs in on all the drama from Lisa's party.

on Oct 29, 2012

Does Joanna have a right to defend her anyway? Absolutely.

Did Adriana have a right to confront Karent about something that bothered her? Yes.

Was it the best place to do it? No.

Did Adriana try to keep the problem from escalating by walking away? Yes.

Did Joanna need to go after her? No.

Did Adriana need to throw that first punch? God no.

So who won?

Jergens: [reads the results] Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a split decision. 

Rocky: ADRIAN! 

Adrian: Rocky! 

Jergens: ...for Creed! 

[audience cheers] 

So what have we learned boys and girls? Only that there are two sides to every story and that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. That we will never know the whole truth by watching bits and pieces of literally hours of footage (until the reunion). And that no singular cast member will appeal to all people at all times. 

That being said, I encourage you to comment on my blog. I have found that for the most part my commenters, even the dissenters, are pretty smart people and I am delighted, amused, and often quite enlightened by some of your responses and observations. Do I love the guy that suggested I ingest poison and throw myself off a balcony in Verona? Actually, yes! He seems funny and kind of cool. I only wish I could interact directly with you guys on this forum. But I would love to hear from you on Twitter: @AnaQooks, on my Facebook wall: Ana Quincoces and/or via my website contact page at