Ana Quincoces

Ana wishes she hadn't attended the dinner at Thomas Kramer's.

on Nov 16, 2012

A quick google search of our illustrious dinner host will reveal all the reasons why no one should willingly socialize with him.  I only wish I had done the research sooner. A quick perusal of a self-created and self-promoted pilot shows Mr. Kramer proudly stating “Marriage is for people who can’t afford a housekeeper or a prostitute” and his daughter Joya sharing that her father is “attention-seeking, pathetic, and embarrassing” and “hosts pimp and swinger parties”. Did someone call this man “gracious”?

I don’t believe there was a choice involved in my decision to leave that dinner party. It was the ONLY decision and the only choice for a mother whose daughters deem her a role model.

Thanks for watching and for the hundreds of supportive tweets and emails. I will always strive to handle the situations with which I am faced with grace and dignity. I may not always succeed, but I will never stop trying.

And because I had to leave the “dinner party from hell” before dessert, here’s the link to my black and white fondue: deliciously decadent without the drama.

Till next time,