Ana Quincoces

Ana applauds Alexia's commitment and determination during Frankie's struggles.

on Oct 18, 2012

All kidding aside, I knew that a lot of what we would face each week was standard fare on the Housewife menu.  Pretty dresses and pretty shoes worn to pretty parties where pretty people congregate to congratulate each other on being…well, pretty. I told myself I could handle it.  Hell, it might even be fun.  I was determined to go outside of my comfort zone and just go with it. And so I did.  But then, something interesting happened.  It turns out this reality thing is pretty damned REAL. Imagine that.

One of the most real moments for me this season was visiting Frankie six months after his accident. I was at the hospital on the night of August 14th, 2011.  It was without a doubt the worst day of Alexia’s life.  What I saw at that hospital on the night of the accident was a mother, not the beautiful “Cuban Barbie” we all know and love, but rather a mom in such pain that it was palpable. But just as evident was the determination in her eyes and the commitment to seeing her son through what seemed like a hopeless situation. Week after week, and month after month Alexia remained by her son’s side encouraging each step of his rehabilitation and celebrating every small victory like it was a huge milestone. It was awe-inspiring.

Seeing Frankie that afternoon, six long months later, filled me with emotion. I felt gratitude, I felt hope, but I also felt sadness, because as far as he had come, there was a long road ahead. While Alexia had never once faltered, she looked weary. Today I can say I was wrong.  Not about it being a long road, but about Alexia’s weariness. She has forged ahead at that same intense pace, day after day, week after week, and what mother and son have managed to accomplish together, a little more than a year later, is nothing short of a miracle.