Ana Quincoces

Ana questions Lea's intentions.

on Dec 14, 2012

The second part of our Bimini trip was a roller coaster of emotion for many of us. Visiting the conch stand together was a lot of fun, but cooking with Chef Ed and creating an amazing meal for the girls was the highlight of my trip. I am happiest in the kitchen. There is something very special about creating something that will nourish another person. Feeding someone is a privilege that I respect and cherish. 

But for the Lea/Marysol confrontation, it was a lovely dinner. I suppose it was a long time coming. Ultimately, I don’t believe there was resolution, but it was clear from the interaction that Marysol had been yearning for a friendship with Lea. I think since that time Marysol has come to the realization that some people are incapable of true friendship.

I think Lea’s credibility has been tested over and over again this season. She changes friends more often than she changes her turbans. Her new-found friendship with Karent, after all she did was bad mouth and mock her, is suspect. She also treated Lisa like a second class citizen and belittled her philanthropic efforts. On a side note: did anyone else hear Lea loudly exclaim in response to Marysol “the charity paid you!” Hmm... Finally, her tirade about how she would handle Roy cheating on her was very telling.  We all know that (in Lea’s case in particular), the truth is always said in jest.