Ana Quincoces

Ana believes Norman was just what the ladies needed to lift the ladies' spirits.

on Nov 2, 2012

This week we saw a very emotional Lea. Despite our differences, watching her suffer for her dog, Leroy, really broke my heart. Lea is one tough cookie and to see her fall apart the way she did was yet another reminder of the things in life that a fat checkbook or a perfectly taut ass can’t fix. It was a fitting opening to this week’s episode, and a virtual slap in the face to those who were salivating at the thought of witnessing the aftermath of the lingerie party. Don’t get me wrong, there was fallout, a lot of it, as you will undoubtedly continue to witness in the episodes to come.

On a much much lighter note we have Norman, the Cosmic Cheerleader. Repeat after me “Aay E E Ah Oh Oh OOO” and Bingo was his name-o. Talk about bringing levity to a situation! Lea is either as kooky as Norman or perfectly brilliant for asking us over for an aura assessment or color reading or color coding or whatever.  I know I felt better when I left.  I always feel better when Elsa “elevates” with a partner. I could write an entire blog about Elsa and would still not do her justice; with “Mama” (I can call her that) seeing truly is believing.