Ana Quincoces

Ana explains where she was coming from during the reunion.

on Jan 4, 2013

"Whether in the courtroom or in the kitchen I bring the heat." The thought of having one particular tagline define me or any of the ladies on this show always seemed a bit simplistic. I found solace in that the message was mostly positive albeit a little silly. Asking someone to look away if they don’t like your smile or announcing that you don’t deal with stupid speaks volumes and could not have painted a more accurate picture of what was in store this season.

So many people were surprised to see the dramatic fallout at the reunion between Lea and myself. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Lea and I interacted very little on the show save for the Marysol debacle. I never felt I had much in common with Lea and for that reason kept my distance. I always got the impression that she was all "smoke and mirrors" as I said many times. She wanted people to buy into this persona and she tooted her own horn incessantly. Nothing about that particularly bothered me. I just kind of found her to be an odd yet amusing bird.