Ana Quincoces

Ana Quincoces explains how she couldn't have been the one texting Rodolfo.

on Sep 20, 2012

The first time I met Rodolfo was at the hospital while visiting Alexia's son, Frankie. I often visited Alexia for hours at a time since she rarely left her son's side. On one of those visits, Rodolfo showed up. There was a group of at least six people in the waiting room that evening. A few minutes into his visit Rodolfo (unbeknownst to me) took a picture of me in the waiting room and posted it on Twitter. I was surprised when I received the notification since I didn't even know him. The next few hours went by as one would expect during a hospital visit, lots of small talk and stories shared in an effort to bring some much needed lightheartedness to a very sad scene.

When I left the hospital late that night, Rodolfo insisted on walking me out. He asked for my phone number under the pretense that he wanted to stay in touch with someone close to Alexia in order to get reports on Frankie's progress. He began texting me regularly after that. I never initiated a communication between us and often just responded politely or with the standard "LOL," which as everyone knows, actually means “funny dude, but leave me alone.” By the time the Swine and Wine event at the Biltmore came around, the texting had pretty much ceased altogether.

It was interesting to see the footage between Adriana and Karent. It was particularly amusing to hear that this text I allegedly sent Rodolfo read: "te echo de menos :-(." I have never written, uttered, or even formulated a thought which included those words. You see, Cubans don't talk like that. That particular saying is used commonly by Spaniards, some Mexicans, and certain South Americans, not Cubans.  If I were to express that sentiment in Spanish I would say "te extrano" (which also means I miss you), but Rodolfo never gave me an opportunity to miss him, because he was constantly texting me.