Joanna Krupa

Joanna was expecting an apology from Adriana at Lea's gala.

on Nov 2, 2012

And instead of Adriana focusing on her own table that night, it seems all she was doing was bad mouthing me, once again showing her true colors. I was expecting her to come up to me and try to apologize for physically assaulting me, instead she continues to verbally assault me that night at Lea's charity event. If I am wrong, I always take responsibility and move on without holding grudges. But Adriana, since the moment she met me, obviously didn’t like me, and now it’s all coming out.

For those people who like to judge me when I was challenged by others, blaming it on the fact that I had a few drinks, well, doesn't everyone have bad nights? Is everyone ‘s life a perfect road with no bumps? My fiancé happens to have a nightclub, and he is the first one to laugh when people drink and say things they don't even mean.