Joanna Krupa

Joanna thinks the Twitter battle between Adriana and Karent is ridiuclous.

on Oct 4, 2012

I am not proud of myself for letting alcohol get me that out of hand, but the next morning (when we discussed it on the beach), not only did I feel horrible that I ruined Romain’s 10-year anniversary party, but deep inside I feel like it had to do with a lot more than just the drinking and Marta’s ex…

I feel that Romain has been distant for a while, and maybe when I was at Mynt and had way too much to drink, it just sparked a lot of emotions because of what we were going through. I couldn't find a way to communicate, and I just exploded at Mynt… I don't have all the answers, but I knew something was wrong and I don't want us to fall apart because we can’t get on the same page with communication. I haven't been in Miami a lot, so maybe that adds to the tension between us, and maybe he is just caught up with work. I guess that only time will tell where we stand.

To me friends are important, but there were many times where I had girlfriends and I felt that they had my back and later backstabbed me, so I try to stay cautious with women that I don't know very well. But right off the bat I hit it off with Karent, and I adore her. Not only is she beautiful and smart, but also seems to have a big heart, and I feel bad that other girls are trying to bully her with the whole Rodolfo texting situation. Sometimes I feel that people should just mind their own business (unless you have concrete proof), but for her sake I hope that Rodolfo truly loves her, because she deserves the best -- it’s hard to find a kind-hearted girl like her. When she and her mom had that conversation, how close she and her mom are melted my heart and reminded me a lot of my mom and me. No one has your back as much as your mom, and they want the best for you, so I hope that Karent takes her mom’s advice.

Lisa and Lenny are so adorable together, and I really hope and pray that Lisa will get her dream and get pregnant. They would make precious little ones and she would be a great mother.