Joanna Krupa

Joanna explains why mentioned the rumor about Alexia's husband.

on Dec 16, 2012

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

I am sorry I didn't write last week’s blog and am late writing this past Thursday’s blog, but I have been so overwhelmed with work and traveling that I am mentally and physically drained, so I am writing this one blog regarding the Bimini trip.

I had high hopes and expectations that all the girls would bond and get along, but boy was I wrong. I should have known better, but I was definitely relieved I was sharing a house with my friends Lea, Lisa, and Karent. If I was stuck in the other house, I probably would have been miserable, except of course for Ana. I wouldn't have minded her sharing the house with us as I am on good terms with her also.

I felt really bad for Karent, because it seems since the moment some of the girls have met her they were obsessed about Rodolfo. They should know that Miami especially is filled with people that just love to speak nonsense and start rumors. I have heard so many things about me and Romain that we just laugh it off and feel bad for the ones starting the rumors. We know who we are and know that people would love to break us up and see us miserable and not successful, but the more they try, the worse it is for them. It gives us the drive to work harder and become more successful.