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Attacked by Adriana

The back and forth with Adriana during the reunion left Joanna emotionally drained.

The reunion was brutal and hard for me to handle. When it was over, I didn't remember most of the filming, because I was that emotionally drained. I won't pretend I am that tough, because I am not. It was definitely more than what I expected, because I felt attacked by Adriana. Not only did she attack me at the reunion, but also during and after the filming of the show. Some women definitely showed their true colors at the reunion.

I don't have much more to say besides what I said during the reunion. I have dealt my whole life with bullies, and that is what has made me a strong person. This only gives me more power to work harder and become more successful, because I love my work. My focus is to build my empire so I can give back to all charities that support abused animals and children. Once I go broke, Romain said he will kidnap me and fly us both to Bora Bora, and we'll eat fish every day. LOL! My mantra is to be a happy person and live every day to the fullest, because we never know if tomorrow will come. I don't focus on other people’s lives, and I don't take my energy and spend my time hating others. Instead I focus on making myself a better person.

Watching myself this whole season has made me realize that I don't like the person I do become when I have one or two cocktails, especially when around mean spirited women. I have a low tolerance when it comes to drinking, because I don't drink often and it definitely affects me fast. It was a big lesson learned for me.

Love me or hate me, but I am who I am and will never change. I am proud of the person I have become and I thank god every day for my life.

Thank you for supporting this season! I love you all for the wonderful, positive tweets! Keep in touch.