Joanna Krupa

Joanna explains how she first fell in love with Romain.

on Dec 21, 2012

I have never dated a man that wanted to be part of my family as much as Romain, someone that took care of them as their own. When I first saw Romain on the news being interviewed about the hottest nightclub in Miami Beach during Super Bowl weekend (Feb 2007), I stopped in my tracks and asked, "Who the hell is that?" I called my sister that same day and told her she’d think I’m crazy, but I felt Romain would be my husband one day. I fell in love with his smile and his honest, friendly eyes on the TV interview. During that time I was celebrating my first Ocean Drive cover, and what better place than Mynt?!  It was my favorite place to go out dancing with friends since the day I started coming to Miami, but I didn’t remember meeting Romain (or as he says I never paid attention to him, since I was with a boyfriend at that time). During my party we started talking, and a week later I broke it off with my boyfriend and Romain and I have be inseparable ever since.

I believe in my heart Romain is telling the truth that he didn't cheat on me, and I trust that the emails were a big wake up call for both of us about what was happening in our lives at the moment and last year. We took each other for granted and didn't make our relationship a priority. There is no excuse for the emails, and it will take me a long time to get over them, but I have to go with my heart and believe what he is telling me is sincere. If he is lying, the truth always comes out, and then it will be over.