Joanna Krupa

Joanna reacts to 'Miami's' own versin of a dinner party from hell.

on Nov 12, 2012

To me, in life, the most important thing is to always help the less fortunate and those that are defenseless and voiceless. What makes me the happiest is when I can do something good instead of being around mean-spirited women like Adriana and Alexia. This is what life is about, not about bullying and physically assaulting a human being, but using your voice to do something that can change a child or an animal's life FOREVER. Aome of these women focus their energy on the wrong things in life and use their bitterness and unhappiness to hurt others. Life is not about how much money you have, or how many pairs of shoes you have, or how many herve dresses you own, but what kind of person you are. We all love beautiful things, but we are not gonna take them with us once we leave this earth, but what we can leave is a positive message behind…. I'm going to be straight out honest and say I regret stooping to Adriana's level at the lingerie party because that is not who I am, but being around such haters and bullies makes you turn into one at the moment to defend yourself with all the bad energy around and especially when there is alcohol involved.

When I was invited to play in the celebrity model beach volleyball tournament to  raise money for Models 4 Water in order to  build wells in Africa, of course I had to say yes since I love being involved in helping others, especially since I am so blessed, and the least I can do is try to raise money so people in Africa can have clean water to drink. I haven't played volleyball since high school gym class, but why not? Anything for an amazing cause. A lot of things in my life that I do is usually for the first time as long as there is a good reason behind it. Doing charitable things is good for the soul, and makes me feel good about myself, and is good therapy, and keeps me humble with everything i have accomplished. To top it all off, it was such a nice surprise to be invited for a weekend to Bimini Bay! I have heard of it before but never been to that part of the Bahamas, but what a perfect reason to get away with the girls for the weekend!!!

When I saw Lisa and Karent come to support me at the volleyball tournament, I was very happy to see them. I needed someone to lift my spirit since I was so nervous if Romain was gonna come and support me at the event. I needed my girls for extra energy, and I felt better just having them there and was able to talk to them and get some things off my chest about what's been happening. The lingerie party was one I would love to forget forever and never again allow myself to stoop to the low levels of Adriana De Moura because that is not who I am. I know and will admit that I have an issue when I have too much to drink, and I turn into a different person. As Romain has mentioned many times before, it makes me more vocal that can end up in an altercation if someone says something disrespectful to me about anyone that I care about in my life. I take responsibility when I am wrong, and I accept when I am wrong, and I promised myself I am going to lay off the alcohol, but being around some of these women's bad energies and malicious behaviors makes it hard not to drink, especially in social gatherings when the last thing you want to do is have to see them, but that's the price you have to pay if you have a group of friends where not everyone gets along and when you still wanna be around the ones you do get along with. When lisa said that Adriana and I have similar personalities, I totally disagree, but didn't want to get into it with her, so I agreed, but the difference between Adriana and me is that I stand up for what is right and wrong and Adriana is just a bully that is filled with hate, JEALOUSY, FRUSTRATION, and feels better about herself when she can put someone down. I, on the other hand, defend myself from mean people and don't let anyone walk all over me. I WAS BULLIED AS A KID FOR BEING A POOR POLISH IMMIGRANT, I KNOW WHAT IT IS TO BE PUT DOWN BY JEALOUS, EVIL-SPIRITED PEOPLE.