Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa explains why she got so heated at the 'Ocen Drive' shoot.

on Sep 13, 2012

For those that haven't followed my career over the last 10 years and are meeting me for the first time on the show, I am a huge animal lover/activist. I am always rooting for the underdog, especially when they are defenseless and voiceless. Animals need humans to protect them, since they can't fend for themselves. I’ve done a third PETA shoot and also my protested against the Kardashian Store Dash for selling fur and lying to the media that they don't sell it when I had the proof in my hands with the Dash receipt. I am happy to say the store as of today in Calabasas is closed. As I said in the protest, I will fight for animals until the day I die and for all those that are defenseless like children. My dream is to have my own animal sanctuary together with a therapy center for underprivileged and sick kids, where the kids and animals can heal each other and be away from reality for a few hours every day and be happy.

I have been coming to Miami for years and have been bicoastal between LA and Miami for the past six years. It’s been very hard to find good friends that you can trust in Miami, and I was really looking forward to meeting Lisa’s new group of girls at Smith and Wollensky…so far so good!

Always remember: treat others as you want to be treated…