Joanna Krupa

Joanna couldn't believe how some of the ladies were treating Karent.

on Oct 18, 2012

I can't get over the fact that Adriana said that Miami is “full of wannabes” and that Karent “wants the limelight so bad.” Hello, Adriana, you are on a reality show -- don’t tell me that you don't want the limelight so badly. The last I checked, we are all on a reality show, so doesn't that make you a bit of a hypocrite? We are all on a reality show for a reason, and we use it as a platform for whatever business ventures we have. For her to say these things about Karent is laughable when Adriana is the one that seems to be so desperate to be seen and stand out of our group of women, especially after her big complaint over who tweeted the photos of the artist first. It all seems very immature to me. This episode reminds me of the movie Mean Girls. Some of these women need to be less bitter and focus on their own lives! The energy they spend on worrying about why Karent has a publicist could be used for a better cause. I am so happy I didn’t go to this party filled with classless bullies that are just trying to make themselves visible and important. (I am not speaking about all the ladies; Ana and Lea seemed to want to stay out of it.)

Alexia should worry less about Karent having a publicist, but more about her own life and her own family. I have to say that Karent is full of class to go back and say good-bye to the women after that unnecessary drama.