Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa wishes Romain and Marta would just make up already.

on Sep 20, 2012

Here we go again! My love life is unfolding in front of your eyes, and I will say that I will take a big part of the blame for not setting a date for the wedding. I let time go by, because I was so preoccupied with work and traveling. I always tell my friends or people I meet that if you get engaged, make sure to plan the wedding and set a date right away and go for it. Otherwise you get into your everyday life, and when time passes, it doesn't seem to be a priority anymore. The excitement goes away, especially if you are busy with projects and always traveling and basically living out of your luggage.

I always knew in my heart I love Romain and want to be with him, but I feel I always shied away from making the big move, because I wanted to still have my freedom. Maybe at some point in my life I felt once I married I wouldn’t have the freedom to do whatever I want or that maybe he will want me to be the typical housewife (which of course would never happen as I am an independent woman, and no one tells me what to do). I was happy being engaged, but now I feel that after so many years I need to put my foot down and finally start planning the wedding or break up and move on. It’s not that my career is any less important to me now and that’s why I am more ready, but more that I feel after five years you just have to make that commitment. Otherwise another five years will go by and I may have regrets. (Plus I want to look good in my wedding gown and still be youthful!).