Joanna Krupa

Joanna explains the rationale behind her kooky shoot.

on Oct 25, 2012

Alternatives to Fur

Animals are simply not ours to wear.
In the 21st century, people can choose to be cruel or kind. With so many fashionable, comfortable, and warm options available today, there is no excuse for wearing bits and pieces of any animal’s fur or skin.
There’s a reason why people don’t climb mountains or go skiing in fur coats. The synthetics available today are much lighter, and they’re far more durable and practical.
Fashion and the State of the Fur Industry
Fur has fallen out of favor. Top designers like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Stella McCartney and retailers like J.Crew and Forever 21 now refuse to use or sell any fur products.
Since most people are smart enough to know that animals killed for their fur are horribly abused, the fur industry often has to pay celebrities to wear its products in commercials and music videos. Desperate designers also resort to dying fur trim colors like pink and purple in order to trick people into thinking that it’s fake.
Heartless designers like Michael Kors and Donatella Versace -- who continue to use abused animals in their so-called designs -- are a dying breed. Young consumers are the future and are largely opposed to the cruelty of fur. A recent survey in Elle Girl revealed that teens think that animal rights is the “coolest” political cause.
Reports from the fur industry show sluggish sales, which result in huge surplus stocks after the fall and winter as a result of a constantly decreasing demand.