Karent Sierra

Karent was shocked by Ana's awkward conversation with her daughter.

on Sep 27, 2012

By now we can see that Rodolfo and I keep in touch with each other via a lot of technology. Rodolfo's support when talking to me about these women is comforting.

We see a glimpse of Adriana working and Lisa enjoying a beautiful sunny Miami day. I must say, I love the interaction between her and Daysy. They just make me laugh!

Next we see Lea with Freda; not really sure what role she plays in the Black household. Lea explained how she has two house keepers and a driver. She definitely added a dose of refreshing humor! Is she just enjoying life? Seems like it. Maybe I can move in with Lea, hahaha! I love how Lea tells RJ to be careful with her hair so it doesn't get wet, but she wants them to practice her swimming. Hmmm… LOL!

It's nice to see Romain become a U.S. citizen, and how appreciative he is to U.S. for everything he has. Seeing Joanna and him interact with each other is cute. They have fun with each other, and sometimes play fight as if they were brother and sister.