Karent Sierra

Karent thinks Ana needs to spend less time worrying about her relatinship with Rodolfo.

on Oct 10, 2012

I really appreciate Joanna's friendship and that she tried to clarify things with Adriana, but it seems that Adriana's negativity will only allow her to see things the way she wants to.

Joanna then calls me to warn me that Adriana is going to confront me at a party. If anything has been bothering her from before, why hasn't she picked up the phone or met up with me one-on-one to talk about it? I am a true believer in communication, but she chooses to confront me at a party in front of many people. I don't think that is very appropriate, but Adriana will be Adriana.

As for Lisa, I so enjoy seeing her interact with Daysy and her dogs. What can I tell you about her besides that I love her!?

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