Karent Sierra

Karent thinks some of the ladies could work harder to earn each other's friendship.

on Oct 25, 2012

Also, Joanna was offended by Marysol wearing fur. We all have the liberty to wear what we like when we want it. But these other women keep saying that the new girls need to prove ourselves to them and make an effort to become friends. Knowing full well that a friend stood for something so important and that it was 85 degrees in Miami, it didn't seem like Marysol really respected or cared for Joanna's beliefs. So, why is it that we are the only ones who supposedly need to earn their friendship? I am not saying you can't wear it, I am just saying couldn't you choose a party where you knew Joanna wouldn't be there and where it would be more appropriate to cover up, like in the winter? Just saying... Joanna had asked me to go up to Marysol to find out if it was real fur, because she was livid, and it would be much nicer coming from me than to receive Joanna's wrath, because she was so hurt that someone in the group could be so insensitive. That is the only reason I went up to her.

I leave you with this thought:

As you can tell by now, friendships and loyalties have formed between women, and at the end of the day, everything becomes transparent. Isn't it interesting how some of these women set double standards?

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