Karent Sierra

Karent encourages you to treasure your family.

on Oct 4, 2012

Seeing Romain and Joanna "having the talk" showed a side of Joanna that was vulnerable and heartfelt. It is so easy for other people to judge, but seriously, how many people haven't done something like this or worse due to a little too much alcohol, or for any other reason? We are all human and make mistakes; it is the strong people that learn from them and move forward. That is what I admire about her.

Adriana seemed uncomfortable at first to take topless pictures, but wow, she really got comfortable in her skin quickly!

Watching me have that conversation with my mom brought me back to that moment in time. I have always loved and respected my mom for telling me how she feels, but also allowing me to make my own decisions, and at times, my own mistakes. We sometimes need to stumble over our own feet, no matter how much a parent wants to protect us. I have chosen to focus on my career first, but I feel that now I am ready for the next step in my life, which is to start a family. I'm just not sure when or even with whom... I leave that up to God.

I must say that it broke my heart watching Lisa and Lenny talk about not being able to
have kids yet. Lisa has become one of my dearest and closest friends since we met, and I can only imagine what she is going through. I'm sure that she will receive that blessing when it's meant to happen. She and Lenny definitely deserve it!