Karent Sierra

Karent is thankful for the great friends and even the not-so-great friends she's made this season.

on Jan 22, 2013

Hello everyone,

I am sorry that it’s taken me quite a while to write this blog. I've been traveling a lot as many of you may have noticed in some pictures I've posted on Twitter, and I’ve been to other places that I haven't posted pictures of yet. This 2013 has started wonderfully, with many exciting projects and endeavors that I hope to be able to fill you all in on soon. By now, most of you have seen all the episodes including the reunion and the lost footage. I'm sure, as I have been told by many people, that your mind was made up about how you felt about me or some of the other ladies, and as the season progressed or even as late as the reunion, many of you changed your mind and saw us in a different light. Some of us more positive, and, well, others in a not so positive light. I am a firm believer that in time everyone shows their true colors.

This has been an amazing season. I have met some amazing people. From each and every one of these ladies I try to pull out the positive aspects that I have received from them. I truly need to thank each and every one of them, because it's not only through the beautiful and kind friendships that I have grown, but also through the women that tried to bring me down at all cost. So to all of you I say thank you. It’s because of them that I have become a more confident and stronger woman. Sometimes we look back at negative circumstances in our life and people that have not treated us kindly (to say the least) without justification or reason, and we end up suffering from their actions and cruelty. I have chosen to stand taller and stronger and turn the negative into a positive. When people will fabricate anything about you and pick fights with you for no reason, it must mean that you are doing something right. I spent all season smiling, laughing, and loving, because that is the person that I am. That is my blueprint. Do I have sad and frustrating moments? Of course. But I choose to always see the glass as half full and always focus on the solution, not the problem. Did I get hurt? Sure I did. I never imagined that some women had grown up in age but not spiritually. There is a great saying: What people do to you is their karma, how you react is yours. This has never been so true as it is right now for me.