Karent Sierra

Karent still doesn't understand the ladies' motives, but was optimistic the dinner could change things.

on Nov 12, 2012

There are 2 quotes that I love and they are: "The truth shall set you free" and "Actions speak louder than words"

Lisa and I went to cheer Joanna on since she was playing in the Model Beach Volleyball Tournament, which helps raise money to build wells in Africa. The dynamics between Lisa and Joanna and I are wonderful and every time we have a chance to get together we always have a great time. It's just three girls who support each other and don't feel no competition or jealousy. It's very refreshing to spend time with them, since most of the time we are just being our quirky selves laughing and not worrying about anything or anyone else.

We next see a very emotional Ana packing up her stuff to move out of her office. Any change is hard whether its professional or personal. The fear of the unknown is always scary, and I do feel very bad and sorry for Ana. She seems to still have feelings for him, and I'm not sure where the man she dates stands with all this. But to each his own. Her husband, or soon to be ex-husband appears to be ready to move on, and although Ana might not be, I pray that she moves forward and finally finds the happiness she deserves.

I loved seeing Joanna reunite with Romain at the beach and owning up to her mistakes and apologizing to Romain for her behavior with him. It takes a big woman to admit they were wrong and apologize for it. I respect her that much more for it.