Lea Black

Lea was shocked by the gossiping that went on at Ana and Marysol's lunch.

on Oct 4, 2012

Behind the Curtains

Life always looks so perfect looking from the outside in. Tonight’s episode pulled back a few of those perfectly coiffed curtains. Watching the conversation with Joanna and Romain was a bit uncomfortable. Haven't we all had those intimate conversations at one time or another?  I personally adore both of them, and my fingers are crossed that they make it together as a couple, make beautiful babies, and live happily ever after.

Then we peek behind the curtain of when is enough "skin" enough? Wow! You go, Adriana. It takes a lot of courage to show so much skin, but it seems Frederic enjoyed every minute of it. I had to laugh hearing people call you a "flirt" last week. Haha, tell me something I don't know. I think Frederic gets a kick out of the flirting! Gotta love a guy that thinks everything about his girl is perfect. And the photo, let's not call it nude -- I prefer to think of it as revealing. The "Pandora’s Box" title -- let's leave that to the imagination! LOL! Who wouldn't flirt with a body like that?
As for Karent and Rodolfo, I get it -- mom doesn't love Rodolfo. I also get it that sometimes people have to see things for themselves, and maybe Karent is not ready to shed light behind the curtain in the relationship that she still wants to believe in. And maybe some of us on the outside looking in don't have a clue what is behind that curtain, we just think we do. And really, is it any of our business? It was sad to see Karent smiling through the tears. So for my part, I only wish them both well. But if he turns out to treat her like anything less than a goddess, I hope she gets rid of him.

Everyone has something in life to deal with, no matter how perfect it may appear as we look in. With two young, healthy people, who would ever think that Lisa and Lenny had a care in the world? I think it was very touching and very generous of them to share what's behind their well-maintained curtain. What I took away from that moment is that they both really love each other, and we all know the Power Of Love. My hope for them is that power helps them create lots and lots of babies.