Lea Black

Lea was shocked by the gossiping that went on at Ana and Marysol's lunch.

on Oct 4, 2012

Joanna was fab during the gay Winter Party weekend; she rocked the dance and the costume. I remember having the white party (South Florida's HIV-AIDS fundraiser) at my home sixteen years ago. I had dancers too (mermen) in my pool, and they rocked it too! The event brought back fun memories. It is overwhelming to see that the cause has grown so big it covers the beach in all directions. Wow. So proud of Miami and its social progress. The curtain of secrecy and shame has become a beaming light of pride and progress.

To sum up tonight’s episode -- a few personal observations as I look behind the curtains -- and BTW if the shoe doesn't fit someone specific, don't force their foot into it.

Adriana is a harmless serial flirt.
Frederic is a charmer and loves every minute of it.
Joanna has a temper and a soft heart.
Romain is always the gentleman.
Lisa doesn't know me but will see that I am her friend, if she lets me be.
Lenny will make a wonderful dad.
Karent believes in love and will find it, with or without Rodolfo.
It's obvious Karent cares deeply about her parents.
Some people accuse others of what they're doing.
It's easy to make false accusations about people.
Some work so hard at portraying who they are not, that they don't recognize who they are.
Some people just want to be relevant at anyone’s expense.
Some people choose being two-faced rather than facing up to an honest, genuine conversation.
Some pretend they don't want to be associated with gossip during their uninterrupted gossip-feasts.
Happy marriages are fodder for some -- "If you can't have a happy marriage, besmirch one!"
Elaine Lancaster has never met a camera she didn't like.
Some people are larger than life, and their bright light makes some people very uncomfortable.