Lea Black

Lea thinks he went too far with Elsa (but is glad she stood her ground).

on Nov 15, 2012

Confusion, Contradiction, Confrontation, Fashion, Fun, Food and Fights
...and let’s add a large dose of hypocrisy as well!
Wow! This week’s episode had it all:

Let's start with Elsa.

She started the week straightening things out (how James becomes Elaine) and ended it getting voluntarily kicked out of her extended family’s dinner party.

Explaining to Elsa the James to Elaine transformation was a combination of confusion, contradiction, fashion, and fun (and we had a laugh and giggle too).
The Thomas Kramer (TK) dinner party started out fun -- loves, hugs, kisses, and more -- then went downhill quickly with confrontation and fights.
Was I upset Elsa "shushed" me? No. Did TK overreact a bit? Ya think? And in Elsa style, she stood her ground. Good for her. After a 20-year friendship, should anyone be surprised there was some family feuding?

At least when I got "shushed," I didn't take on the diva role, make the dinner party about me and frump out of the room in a noisy huff.