Lea Black

Lea thinks he went too far with Elsa (but is glad she stood her ground).

on Nov 15, 2012

Then there was the Pliner Fashion show – just loaded with fun, fashion, confrontation, food, and fights. Seems to start out OK. And of course we got to witness more of the non-gossipers gossip, bringing us to more contradictions. I am always amused by the rampant gossipers who claim to not gossip then talk trash behind backs then lack the backbone to stand behind their ugly words.
This Elaine-Marysol thing could have all been avoided if Marysol were ever up for an adult conversation -- confrontation instead of always running away causing things to boil over. And of course if she didn't continue to interfere with the diva’s red carpet of life. Joanna made a good point -- Marysol backstabbed Elaine and this time she got caught. Oh and Marysol never misses an opportunity to blame me for the problems she brings on herself.

And of course, more "Karentland" bashing by Ana. Always so gratuitous with her uncalled for malicious gossip. Relevance, anyone? And she pointed out Karent "won't hang out with just anyone, only people that bring her attention," as she continues to  bad mouth TK while entering his home and drinking his $1,000 a bottle wine and eating his home cooked gourmet meal. And she was so "offended" by his asking us all to change the subject and have a good time. I'm trying to distinguish between  being judgmental about a dinner party where adults speak about problems and conflict versus a dinner table where families talk about "a--- sex" and "com--- on girls" and "barbeque on p----s." I'm just glad TK didn't mention "wiping his ---," "picking his nose," and "someone’s v-----" before preparing the meal. Confused anyone? Real outrage or phony outrage?