Lea Black

Lea thinks he went too far with Elsa (but is glad she stood her ground).

on Nov 15, 2012

Things to think about this week:

Do we sometimes have double standards?

Do we sometimes take things too personally?

When we are amongst friends and they disagree are we supposed to take sides? Try to broker peace? Or take a stand on what's right versus what's wrong, a stand on principle, realizing that every friend can't always be right every time, and neither can we.

Do we sometimes just keep digging ourselves into a bigger hole? And then blame others?

When a lot of strong personalities and differences of opinions start up a lively conversation, should we energize it up or shut it down?

When we are invited to someone’s home that we don't like or respect and speak ill of, should we accept the invitation or decline it?

And in the spirit of Thanksgiving next week, do we give enough thanks for our blessings?
Spread the love and keep the peace and #don't deal with stupid.