Lea Black

Lea was glad that Elsa and Elaine handled themselves like ladies during their confrontation.

on Oct 18, 2012

“It’s an Observer Created Reality”

#The Punishment Doesn’t Equal the Crime

When I saw Karent at the party, she sat down beside me (or I sat down beside her) and I immediately said something to the effect of, “I just want to personally tell you that I made some remarks about your chattering in my ear and getting on my nerves.” Her response: “I respect that.” And that is when we both knew exactly where we stood with each other. That was that. (Later in the evening I was not laughing because she left, I was laughing because Elsa pulled her "bloomers" down underneath her skirt as she bent over to hug her bye.)

#Not Holding Back May be being True to Yourself, But It Has Its Consequences.

Like her or not, she wears her Brazilian feelings on her sleeves. I will take that over the behind-the-scenes plotting, conniving, and scheming any day of the week. And “at the end of the day” LOL! And no, Adriana, I wouldn’t want you pulling any teeth.

#Second Chances

I forgive you, Romain. Now if you ever do it again, I will personally haunt you for the rest of this life and the next life too. And you know I love you. Now please, stop texting me and flirting with me. Party is over.