Lea Black

Lea Black shares her take on the premiere.

on Sep 13, 2012

After watching the first episode of the new and improved Real Housewives of Miami, I just had to wonder -- are we all that different really? Do we all view the world that differently, or is it just more comfortable to talk in clichés? Are we more used to criticizing than complimenting? Are we in the habit of looking for what's wrong or looking for what's right in the world we live in?

Well from the World of Lea Black, here's how I see it.

Miami was showcased in all of its grandeur -- the sexiest city on earth and magnificent beyond description -- or was that just the visual I saw? So while listening to some of the girls describe it as "full of jealous people" (sometimes true), "people will walk all over you" (stilettos and all) ,"the rich are always trying to undo you" ( I guess when they're not counting their money or polishing their diamonds,) "it’s smoke and mirrors" (hidden amongst the white beaches, the blue skies, and the skyline of over-the-top architectural buildings), and, of course, "everyone’s a recovering alcoholic" (or chilled out on Xanax -- Xanax is the new booze). And is that the "old Miami" that should just shrivel up and cry, or "move over?"  After all, the old Miami is now the new Miami, I hear.  It just made me think maybe I do live in a state of non-reality reality. Oh never mind, that would be a Housewives show? Obviously we will all disagree on everything all of time -- so when in doubt, just believe me. As you know by now, I can deal with a lot, but "I can’t deal with stupid."