Lea Black

Lea Black shares her take on the premiere.

on Sep 13, 2012

Ana then points out that Colombian women perhaps have a way with men (thanks for the memo, us gringas don't always know that stuff). That’s important because we soon meet Karent, who proudly announces herself as an accomplished Colombian woman (with an 18-inch waistline, just in case you didn't notice). Might there be more to that story? Wonder if the "I didn’t know you go both ways" joke was a Freudian slip? No it wasn't. I'm just kidding, but I know you were hoping (wink!)! Maybe there is something more to that “threesome.” Did I say that? I didn’t mean it; I meant, maybe there's something more involving “those three people,” one of which is a Colombian woman (fortunately we've had a little insight to them). But it’s all good -- depending on how you look at it I guess.

If you aren't confused by now, don't worry, you will be within the next few weeks. I’m still trying to figure it all out. I guess when you mix all those different cultures, add in love and romance, and did someone say "jealousy" when describing Miami? Well seems like the perfect storm could become a hurricane? Wonder who this hurricane will be named after? I think we are up to the "I”s now, as in Hurricane Isaac that hit a couple of weeks ago -- doesn't K and R (as in Rodolfo, mystery man who?) come after "I"? Some people are just unlucky with the alphabet I guess. Gotta blame it on something, because everyone’s right in this scenario, or so I've been told... It’s complicated.