Lea Black

Lea Black shares her take on the premiere.

on Sep 13, 2012

Just when you think you've overdosed on sexy Latin women, in walks the Brazilian bombshell with the magnifique French lover. We all know by now Adriana has a passion for art. As Frederick explains the unfinished boat is a canvas for his soon to be piece of art -- she said she "loved art," but she didn’t say “I wanna’ live inside a piece of art.” (Something got lost in translation, but her face translates it all.) For someone who gets car sick, air sick, and sea sick, and that likes to walk around in 6-inch heels, hates being in the sun (no sun on that wrinkle-less, flawless face), I’m thinking Fredrick had me at "what was he thinking?" Or was he? Between the piano sliding around, riding the waves and the sea salt eating away at the Basquiat paintings she so cherishes and the walk-in closet, the dog, a kid, and a few hundred pairs of shoes, I hope this doesn’t drive them to becoming some of those "recovering alcoholics" we heard about earlier. And when she's inevitably late will she "miss the boat?" Oh, the stress.

Back to Mama--

Now we hear the dog took a Xanax and hid in the closet? Did she say the dog? Or did she say... oh, never mind.